Dean’s Amulet from Supernatural. These are 2 of the known official versions for sale, however there has been speculation about how authentic they are. I don’t own either one (yet!), but what I’ve gathered from reviews of the 2 amulets is that the one from Amazon is about 1″ high and has the “tarnished” look of the amulet as we know it on Supernatural (flashback episodes show the brass/bronze amulet as newer and shinier, so we’re left to assume it tarnished with wear and age since prior to Season 5, Dean rarely took it off.)
Reviews for the Warner Brothers version is that it’s slightly larger than 1″ and has the “new, untarnished” look of the flashback episodes. The description of it is “a metallic alloy” so I don’t know if it will tarnish over time. I’m going to assume that it won’t, since most plated alloys are designed specifically not to tarnish.
Both amulets have a ‘jump ring’ to connect it to the cord, whereas Dean’s original amulet does not have the jump ring. Neither amulet appears to have a clasp for the cord; it must be slipped over your head. I’ve heard good and bad reviews for the cords on both, so it seems they come in a variety of lengths. I might recommend getting a new cord with a clasp to keep the amulets from coming off.

Dean’s Amulet Replica
from Amazon

Dean’s Amulet
Official Version
from Warner BrothersSupernatural PendantBuy Now

♥ From: Warner Bros.
Price: $19.95*

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