At Yellow Rose Designs, I use a variety of sources for design as well as inspiration. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making my site and the products offered the highest quality possible.

Product Design Credits

  • DeanJW (artwork, photography, photoshop brushes and custom designs)
  • Obsidian Dawn (photoshop brushes and patterns)
  • Whimsical Art (photoshop brushes, gradients and patterns)
  • Husitka (artwork, photoshop brushes)
  • @YellowRoseKat (artwork, photography, photoshop brushes, poetry and custom designs)
  • Dover ClipArt (used in accordance with agreement with Dover Publications)
  • Private Collection ClipArt and Artwork*
  • Public Domain**
  • NASA (NASA images used in compliance with NASA’s Guidelines and does not not explicitly or implicitly convey NASA’s endorsement.)

*As a web and graphic designer, I have accumulated, for commercial use, an extensive collection of clip art, photography, artwork and design elements which I use according to the terms of agreement upon purchase. If you have any questions regarding an element of my designs, please feel free to contact me using the Contact Form on my site. Note: I do not have permission to offer these collections, nor the artwork from Obsidian Dawn or Dover Publications for resale or for free as a “collection” (clip art, brushes, patterns, etc). Any designs, elements, clip art, photography, brushes or patterns offered by Yellow Rose Designs for this purpose is the exclusive property of Yellow Rose Studio and Yellow Rose Designs.

**Note regarding Public Domain (PD) content: Due to the complicated nature of Public Domain, I have extensively researched any design that utilizes PD content, and will, upon request, provide proof of PD use. In addition, some elements/designs are in the PD due to the generic nature of the design (symbols, in particular). I ask that anyone seeking copyright violation please contact me with questions or concerns as the design in question may be from one of my pre-approved sources, in the Public Domain, or too generic in nature that my design appears similar but is, in fact, created by or for Yellow Rose Designs.

Affiliate Content

Use of Affiliate images/content in accordance with affiliate agreements. This includes agreements with CafePress, Zazzle, Amazon and other affiliate-managed merchant site(s) to promote and sell on behalf of the merchant site(s). (With regard to the CafePress Marketplace: Affiliate terms state affiliating sites may promote CafePress “Shops” regardless of Marketplace status. If you are a CafePress Shopkeeper, please note that your Marketplace status does not affect the Affiliate Agreement with CafePress. An “opted-out” shop may still be promoted, however affiliates [i.e., this site] will not receive commission on those sales.)

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